Doesn't seem to be





Doesn't seem to be,
but that's the way it is.
lt's as true and real
as you can see it here.
Don't you see?

1.Tell me how you did it
Jesus of the night,
to transform your body
you who are the light.
So how is it that nobody told you
what a crazy plan!
Honey, look at God come from heaven,
where he's going to land.

2. When I think what you did
for lhe love of God !
You gave yourself freely
but your luck went bad.
And why didn't you run from that cross, dear?
Or put up a fight?
You don't have to answer, my dar1ing,
just tum out the light.

3. You who help the weary
to know they are free,
right there in your manger
make a place for me.
Jesus, please don't let anyone tell me,
'You're not welcome here.
'Cause it's righl beside you, my dar1ing,'
that I want to be.

Words and Music: Pablo Sosa 


No es lo que parece.pdf

Autor(a): Pablo Sosa
Âmbito: IECLB
ID: 53453
Ó Senhor Deus, o teu amor chega até o céu e a tua fidelidade vai até as nuvens. A tua justiça é firme como as grandes montanhas e os teus julgamentos são profundos como o mar.
Salmo 36.5-6
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